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Are Your Pipes Leaking? You Need to Take Action

By Maria Fuxa |

A leaking pipe is a big problem. If you notice that any of your home’s pipes are leaking, you need to take immediate action to address the issue. Left unrepaired, a minor leak can cause very serious water damage over time. To makes matters even more challenging, gradual leak damage is subject to a… Read More »


Eleventh Circuit Court: Florida Bad Faith Claims Have Five-Year Statute of Limitations

By Jeremy Tyler |

On January 9, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued a decision in the case of Waldemar Baranowski v. GEICO General Insurance Company. This dispute arose after an appeal was filed following a ruling from the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. The Eleventh Circuit… Read More »


I Just Suffered a Major Property Loss: What are My Options for Temporary Housing and Living Expenses?

By Jeremy Tyler |

In the truly unfortunate event that you have suffered major property damage, you may not be able to live in your home for a considerable period of time. For a victim and their family, this can be an incredibly stressful period in their life. Beyond repairing your property damage and dealing with the emotional… Read More »


Property Insurance Law: When Does Florida Allow Plaintiffs to Recover Attorneys’ Fees

By Jeremy Tyler |

Imagine that your Florida property insurance claim was wrongfully denied or substantially underpaid by the insurance company. No doubt, you want to bring a legal claim to get the full compensation that is owed to you. You pay your insurance premiums and you should not be on the hook for this loss. But, can… Read More »


Will My Property Insurance Policy Cover Damage Caused By a Burst Water Main?

By Jeremy Tyler |

If you live in an urban or a suburban environment in Broward County, Florida, your home is most likely connected to the municipal water supply. If this applies to you, there are likely many pipes, commonly known as ‘water mains’, that are running underground, throughout your neighborhood. Unfortunately, whether due to bad weather or… Read More »


Proof of Loss in Florida: Four Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By Jeremy Tyler |

To obtain full compensation for your property damage, you must be able to prove your losses. Of course, this is not surprising. The big insurance companies simply do not trust policyholders to determine the value of their own damage. However, there is a little more to this requirement than many policyholders realize. After making… Read More »


Understanding Florida’s ‘Right to Repair’ Insurance Rules

By Maria Fuxa |

Many property insurance policies contain ‘Right to Repair’ provisions. Also known as ‘Option to Repair’ provisions, these clauses may give the insurance company considerable power to control the repairs to your home. Your Florida property insurance policy may have this type of clause, even if you have never heard of it before. While it… Read More »


How Does a Total Property Loss Affect My Mortgage?

By Jeremy Tyler |

For Florida homeowners, a total property loss can be absolutely devastating. As we all know, a house is more than a structure that is sitting on a parcel of land. It is a home that is filled with precious memories and sentimental possessions. Dealing with a total loss, whether from a fire or a… Read More »


Florida Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeowners in Dispute Over ‘Actual Cash Value’

By Jeremy Tyler |

Section 627.7011(3) of the Florida statutes controls property insurance claims that are filed for ‘full replacement costs’. Under the state’s insurance regulations, if a Florida homeowner files a claim for the replacement cost of their property damage, then the insurance company is required to immediately pay the ‘actual cash value’ of the losses. Then,… Read More »


Property Insurance Law Watch: New Assignment of Benefits Introduced in Florida Senate

By Jeremy Tyler |

According to reporting from the Florida Record, a new property insurance bill has come out of the Florida state senate, and is moving to committee. The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Dorothy Hukill, a Republican from Port Orange, seeks to overhaul the state’s rules and regulations regarding the ‘assignment of benefits’. In this… Read More »

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