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Category Archives: water damage


Are Your Pipes Leaking? You Need to Take Action

By Jeremy Tyler |

A leaking pipe is a big problem. If you notice that any of your home’s pipes are leaking, you need to take immediate action to address the issue. Left unrepaired, a minor leak can cause very serious water damage over time. To makes matters even more challenging, gradual leak damage is subject to a… Read More »


Will My Property Insurance Policy Cover Damage Caused By a Burst Water Main?

By Jeremy Tyler |

If you live in an urban or a suburban environment in Broward County, Florida, your home is most likely connected to the municipal water supply. If this applies to you, there are likely many pipes, commonly known as ‘water mains’, that are running underground, throughout your neighborhood. Unfortunately, whether due to bad weather or… Read More »


Florida Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeowners in Water Damage Case

By Jeremy Tyler |

On September 20, 2017, in the case of the Milhomme v. Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal reversed a lower court decision in a property damage insurance dispute. Originally, the lower court ruled in favor of the insurance company. This case centered around a dispute over water damage sustained… Read More »


Florida Property Insurance: Interior Water Damage Caused By “Wind Driven Rain”

By Jeremy Tyler |

In general, a standard homeowners insurance policy will not offer coverage for flood damage. That type of coverage must be obtained by purchasing a separate policy. Of course, floods are not the only way that homes sustain serious interior water damage due to a storm. What happens when your interior water damage is caused… Read More »


Florida Property Insurance Disputes: What is an Umpire?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Imagine that your Broward County home suffered serious damage in a midsummer thunderstorm, which is certainly not an uncommon occurrence in South Florida. Fortunately, you have property insurance. Even better, your damage is covered under the terms of the policy. However, this still leaves open a very important question: How much does the insurance… Read More »


Water Damage Claims and Long-Term Damage Exclusions

By Jeremy Tyler |

Water damage is one of the leading causes of property loss in Florida and throughout the United States. Indeed, according to a report from the Insurance Journal, one insurer, the Travelers Companies Inc., reviewed all of their property insurance claims from 2009 through 2015 and found that water damage was responsible for 30 percent… Read More »


Three Things You Should Know About Water Damage and Insurance Claims

By Jeremy Tyler |

Did your home or business suffer major water damage? If so, you are not alone. Water damage is one of the most common reasons why people file property insurance claims. In fact, the Insurance Journal reports that 30 percent of all homeowner claims filed between 2009 and 2015 were due to water damage. About… Read More »

Was Your Florida Leak Damage Claim Denied As ‘Long Term Damage’?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Your property insurance policy will usually cover damage caused by a leak. But, some Florida property owners find their claim denied as ‘long term damage’. Damage caused by a long term leak is often excluded in many homeowner’s insurance policies. This is because homeowners should take reasonable actions to prevent leaks from getting worse…. Read More »

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