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Four Property Insurance Company Practices that Suggest Bad Faith

By Jeremy Tyler |

Under the Florida Insurance Code, property insurance companies have a legal duty to deal with all damage claims using good faith settlement practices. Yet, despite this strict regulation, far too many Florida property insurance companies still act in bad faith. If you have been a victim of an insurer acting in bad faith in… Read More »


Is there an Honest Disagreement or is My Insurer Acting in Bad Faith?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Under the Florida Insurance Code, insurers have a legal duty to handle all property insurance claims using fair settlement practices. If they fail to live up to that legal obligation, the affected policyholder may have the right to bring a bad faith insurance claim. This is a powerful claim, because when it is successful,… Read More »


Florida Court Rules in Favor of the Insurer in Complex Bad Faith Insurance Case

By Jeremy Tyler |

On November 17, 2016, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida ruled in favor of Travelers Casualty and Surety in a dispute over an insurance settlement agreement. The court found the agreement unenforceable under Florida law due to fraud and collusion on the part of the policyholder, Culbreath Isles Property Owners… Read More »


Four Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

By Jeremy Tyler |

Under Florida law, first party insurers have a legal duty to handle all insurance claims using good faith settlement practices. At the most basic level, this means that insurance companies are obligated to act “honestly” and “fairly” towards insured parties. Unfortunately, all too often, insurance companies fail to live up to this responsibility. The… Read More »

Can an Insurance Company Cancel Your Policy Simply Because You Filed a Property Damage Claim?

By Jeremy Tyler |

The short and simple answer to this question is ‘no’. The state of Florida has strict rules that insurers must follow before they can cancel your coverage. A company may not cancel your policy simply because you filed a property damage claim. If you have had an insurance policy for more than 90 days,… Read More »

Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claims: What Damages are Available?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Companies that offer property insurance policies in Florida have a legal duty to treat their policyholders fairly. This is because Florida has a good faith requirement for handling insurance claims. When a company violates its good faith obligations, it can cause major headaches and financial damage to victimized policyholders. Companies must be held accountable… Read More »

Are Pain and Suffering or Emotional Distress Recoverable in a Property Insurance Claim?

By Xavier W. Rojas |

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have had an insurance claim denied or underpaid, are angry, and looking for answers. This is understandable considering, like most responsible home and business owners, you have paid your insurance premiums just in case something happened. You may be angry that the insurance company failed… Read More »

The Insurance Company is Delaying My Claim

By Jeremy Tyler |

In Florida, insurance companies have a legal obligation to handle all claims in ‘good faith’. As the standard Florida jury instructions put it, the insurance company must treat your case ‘fairly and with honesty’. One of the primary tenets of good faith is the avoidance of unreasonable delays. Essentially, the company cannot just stick… Read More »

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