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Roof Damage Claims in Florida

Florida property owners are at particularly high risk for roof damage. Hurricanes, along with other strong storms and hail, can do serious damage to a roof. Property owners deserve a fair settlement for their covered roof damage. Unfortunately, insurance companies all too often deny legitimate claims.

Assessing Your Roof Damage

You need to assess the damage your roof sustained in detail. It is critical that you get an accurate valuation of your damage. When assessing your roof damage, you should seek the answers for the following questions:

  • How was your roof damaged?
  • Is the damage covered under your policy?
  • What was the age of your roof?
  • What condition was the roof in prior to the incident?
  • Do you have access to any maintenance records?
  • When will you get the damage appraised?
  • Are there any state or local building codes that might affect your claim?

You want to take as much care as possible to assess and document your damage so that you can file an effective insurance claim. A well-crafted roof damage claim is far more likely to receive a favorable result.

Roof Damage Claim Denied?

If your property insurance claim was denied, do not be intimidated. While a claim denial can be extremely frustrated and dispiriting, it is important to remember that the insurance company is not a disinterested party in the claims process. Insurance adjusters are often far too restrictive when assessing roof damage claims. If your claim has been denied, and you disagree with the decision, there are three things that you need to do:

  • Review and understand your claim denial: First, you should have a copy of your insurance policy. Second, you should have the formal claim denial letter from your insurance company. This letter should specify the precise reason why your claim was denied. Your insurance company has a duty to clearly communicate and explain this information to you. Homeowners have property insurance claims rights under Florida law. If the insurer’s reasoning does not make sense, you should speak to an attorney immediately.
  • Gather your evidence: Ultimately, insurance disputes are all about evidence. You need to get your hands on any evidence that might potentially be relevant to your case. For example, gather any photographs of the damage, maintenance records, and invoices and estimates that you can find.
  • Contact an attorney: Your attorney can comprehensively review your policy, denial letter, and your roof damage, and help you determine the best way to reach a favorable result.

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