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Proof of Loss in Florida: Four Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


To obtain full compensation for your property damage, you must be able to prove your losses. Of course, this is not surprising. The big insurance companies simply do not trust policyholders to determine the value of their own damage. However, there is a little more to this requirement than many policyholders realize.

After making an initial property insurance claim, you may receive an official proof of loss request from your insurance provider. Under Florida law, you have a legal obligation to promptly reply to this insurance company request. In this post, our experienced Broward County, FL property insurance attorneys answer four of the most frequently asked questions regarding Proof of Loss (POL) in Florida.

  1. Should I Be Worried that My Insurer is Going to Deny My Property Damage Claim?

Not necessarily. If you have received a proof of loss request, it means that your insurance company is seeking additional information. It does not mean that your claim is about to be rejected. Still, you should not take this request lightly. You need to do all you can to prove that value of your claim so that you can get full and fair compensation for your property losses. 

  1. What Happens If I Provide False Information?

When you respond to a proof of loss request, you are essentially doing so in the form of a sworn statement. If you intentionally lie or misrepresent the truth, you could get yourself in serious trouble. You may even be charged with insurance fraud. Always provide complete and accurate information.

  1. What Information Should I Provide to the Insurance Company?

This will depend on the specific facts of your case and the specific terms of the proof of loss request you receive. First and foremost, if you are being asked any direct questions, you need to provide all of the information that you have that will answer those questions. If you are unsure of whether or not you should provide certain documents or evidence, you should speak to a Florida property insurance claims attorney.

  1. What Happens if a Fail to Respond to a Proof of Loss Request?

If you fail to respond to your property insurance company’s official proof of loss request, you may be giving your insurance provider valid cause to deny your claim. Even worse, your failure to comply with the request may even take away your right to file a lawsuit. Do not let this happen to you. If you are unsure of how to reply to a proof of loss request, consult with a qualified Broward County property insurance lawyer immediately. 

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