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I Just Suffered a Major Property Loss: What are My Options for Temporary Housing and Living Expenses?


In the truly unfortunate event that you have suffered major property damage, you may not be able to live in your home for a considerable period of time. For a victim and their family, this can be an incredibly stressful period in their life. Beyond repairing your property damage and dealing with the emotional trauma that often comes with a major property loss, you also need to be able to pay for your day-to-day increased costs for your housing and living expenses.

The good news is that many Florida homeowners’ insurance policies offer coverage for these additional living expenses (ALE). Indeed, your temporary housing needs and increased living costs may be covered under your property insurance plan. Of course, getting compensation is not always easy. Here, our top-rated Broward County property insurance attorneys explain the four most important things that you need to know about getting compensation for post-property loss temporary living expenses. 

  1. Know the Terms of Your Policy

Ultimately, all property insurance claims will come down to the terms of your specific homeowners’ insurance policy in question. If you have suffered a major property loss, you need to get your hands on a full copy of your policy. Please review it in detail to assess your rights regarding additional living expenses. 

  1. Take Action Immediately

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to get your claim moving as quickly as possible. This is especially important when it comes to getting your temporary living expenses covered. You do not want to start draining your own bank account when you do not have to do so. Get a representative from your insurance company on the phone. 

  1. Do Not Sign Away Your Rights

Before you sign any agreement offered by your insurance company, please read it in careful detail. Sadly, in some cases, the big insurance companies try to get policyholders to ‘sign away their rights’ when accepting payment for ALE coverage. Be sure to confirm that any agreement you sign will cover the full value of your losses.

  1. Be Ready to Seek Professional Help

If your insurance company is giving you any trouble at all, you need to be ready to consult with an aggressive Florida property insurance dispute lawyer. Under the Florida Insurance Code, property insurers have a legal duty to settle all claims using good faith practices. They cannot try to take advantage of you, pressuring you into accepting an unjust agreement. If you believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, you should call a lawyer immediately. 

Speak to an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Property Insurance Lawyer Today  

At Geyer Fuxa Tyler, our dedicated Florida property insurance team has extensive experience handling complex ALE cases. If you need help getting fair compensation for temporary housing or living expenses, please call our law firm today for a free case review. From our office in Sunrise, we handle property insurance disputes throughout Broward County, including in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miramar.


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