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I Don’t Have Any Receipts, Can I Still Make a Property Insurance Claim?


Property insurance disputes arise for many different reasons. In some cases, there may be a disagreement over whether a particular type of property damage is covered at all. In other cases, it may be clear that the damage is covered, but there may be a sharp dispute over the value of the losses. In this scenario, receipts can be an invaluable resource. Whether the loss is caused by a fire or a theft, a receipt can help you clearly document the existence, and precise value, of your covered property. Of course, this is a problem for many people, as very few of us actually keep the receipts for everything we own. While this can certainly make a property insurance claim more challenging, it does not mean that you are out of luck. You are still entitled to recover compensation for the full extent of your losses.

Know Your Obligations

Policyholders have many rights and responsibilities under Florida law. One of the primary duties is that you must fully cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation of your claim. The company is likely going to ask for receipts related to your damages. If you do not have the receipts, you have an obligation to say so. You will then be asked to produce any other information or documentation that you can reasonably get your hands on. This could include other financial records that indicate the value of the item or it could even simply include photographs of the item. Ultimately, any type of supporting information can be useful. Whatever you have, it is imperative that you get your hands on it as soon as possible. You will want all the evidence that you can find. However, in some cases, there are simply not documents or records available. What happens then?
You Can Testify to Your Losses

Your own description of your losses is itself a form of documentation. If you lack receipts or any other form of supporting documents, you can submit a sworn affidavit that states your claims are factual. An affidavit is written statement that is confirmed under oath. It is a valid form of evidence in Florida courts. Further, in some limited cases, you may even be asked by the insurance company to submit to an examination under oath. Essentially, this means that you would be asked to answer questions from the insurance company’s lawyer. If you find yourself in this situation, you should also have your own attorney by your side. Your attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and that the process is conducted fairly. Once again, your answers under oath are a form of admissible evidence.

Was Your Property Insurance Claim Denied?

The experienced property insurance dispute lawyers at Geyer Fuxa Tyler can help. Even if you do not have the receipts, we can still help you seek compensation for the full extent of your loss. Please do not hesitate to call our team today at (954) 990-5251 to set up a free review of your claim. We represent business and homeowners throughout Broward County, including in Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Plantation and Deerfield Beach.


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