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Handling Insurance Company Document Requests

The property insurance claims process is often confusing and stressful. One of the more frustrating elements of the process is the seemingly endless requests for supporting documents. It can feel like the insurance company is looking for a never ending mountain of impossible-to-find, non-existent, or completely irrelevant information. Unfortunately, these document requests can often be an insurance company tactic used to keep you from receiving benefits you deserve. You have important legal rights when it comes to document requests. Under Florida law, the insurance company is required to treat you fairly throughout the entire claims process. Do not let an insurance company take advantage of you. If you are in the process of filing a property insurance claim, please contact an experienced Florida property insurance attorney.

Florida law puts many different duties on insurance companies operating within the state. Florida law also prohibits unfair claim settlement practices. This means that Florida insurance companies have a legal obligation to deal with your property insurance claim in a good faith manner. There are many different specific requirements of fair claim settlement practices. One requirement is that all document requests must be reasonable. Whenever an insurance company requests documents from you in Florida, it must:

  • Clearly identify the precise information it is seeking; and
  • Clearly explain exactly why it needs that information to handle your claim.

The bottom line is that property insurance companies cannot bury you with unreasonable document requests. That tactic is prohibited. If an insurance company is not being fair, an experienced attorney can help.

Tools for Dealing with Document Requests

  • Stay organized: Expect the insurer to request a lot of documents. While their document requests are legally required to be clear and reasonable, they will still be entitled to seek relevant information. The more support you have for you claim, the more likely you are to have a favorable result. Relevant evidence often includes: photographs, receipts, estimates from contractors, or anything else that can back up your claim.
  • Substantially comply: Under Florida law, you are required to substantially comply with an insurance company’s reasonable document request. It is important to understand what substantial compliance entails. You may not be able to produce every single piece of paper associated with your claim. For example, an old receipt may simply be unrecoverable. You need to cooperate to the extent that is reasonably possible.
  • Hire an attorney: An experienced Florida property insurance attorney can help ensure that your claim is processed fairly. Fulfilling insurance company document requests will be a significant part of your claim. Your attorney can help you gather and assemble the information to fulfill a reasonable request. Your attorney should also protect you from unreasonable document requests. The company cannot try to deny your claim by using illegal document request tactics.

Contact an Experienced Property Insurance Attorney

The experienced legal team at Geyer Fuxa Tyler has an in-depth understanding of Florida property insurance law. You have paid your property insurance premiums, and you are entitled to fair treatment from the insurance company. Contact our office today at (954) 990-5251 to learn more about your legal rights.

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