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Four Reasons Why Your Property Insurance Claim Might Be Denied


Dealing with major damage to your home or business is frustrating and stressful. This can be made even worse if you learn that your property insurance company is denying your damage claim. Here, we highlight four of the most common reasons why insurance companies deny property damage claims in Florida and we offer four important tips that you can use to help you get paid fair compensation for your losses. 

  1. You Missed a Key Deadline

After sustaining major property damage, you need to jump into action. The last thing you want is to lose out on your ability to obtain coverage because you missed an important deadline. Generally, most property insurance policies require insured parties to notify the company of their damage as soon as is reasonably practicable under all facts and circumstances. 

  1. You Failed to Present Enough Evidence

To recover the full compensation that you deserve under your property insurance policy you will need to offer evidence that supports your claim. Far too many Florida homeowners have their policies denied or delayed simply because they fail to present sufficient documents or evidence to their insurance company. 

  1. You (Allegedly) Made a False Statement

Making false or misleading statements to an insurance company could destroy your claim. In fact, a potentially valid claim could even be denied because you made false statements. Always avoid giving your insurer misleading or false information. 

  1. Your Damage Falls Under an Exclusion

Many property insurance disputes arise because the company argues that the damage in question falls under a policy exclusion. Unsurprisingly, the big insurance companies are very aggressive when trying to apply policy exclusions. If your claim has been denied because of an “exclusion”, you are not out of options. The insurance company does not get the final say on this matter. Do not hesitate to get your claim to a qualified attorney for a comprehensive review. 

Four Tips to Help You Avoid Denial of Your Claim 

  1. Know your policy. It is important to know that you actually have the appropriate insurance coverage for your individual needs.
  2. Always act fast. After a storm or other damaging event, start taking photographs, obtaining evidence and documenting your losses. Then immediately notify your insurer of the damage.
  3. Take steps to mitigate your damages. You could be held liable for some of your only losses if the investigation determines that you failed to protect your property.
  4. Seek professional help. If the insurance company is not cooperating or treating you unfairly, it may be time to get an experienced Fort Lauderdale property attorney by your side.

Get Legal Help Now  

If your property damage claim was wrongfully denied, you need to fight back. At Geyer Fuxa Tyler, our dedicated property insurance lawyers have helped many Florida homeowners obtain full and fair compensation for their property losses. To learn more about what we can do for you, please call us today at (954) 990-5251 to schedule a free, no risk review of your case. free review of your claim. We represent homeowners all around Broward County, including in Hollywood and Miramar.

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