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Fort Lauderdale Liability & Damage Dispute Insurance Attorney

Public adjusters do an excellent job of advocating for the policyholder, appraising the value of the claim and negotiating a fair and adequate settlement. But sometimes the facts are too complicated or the policy language is too dense, or there are legal issues that require legal representation. The Fort Lauderdale liability & damage dispute attorneys at Geyer Fuxa Tyler work with public adjusters to help property owners resolve their claims, or step in to assist adjusters in resolving the matter. From our Sunrise, Florida office, we serve clients throughout Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and all of Florida. We can help you pursue your claim for benefits in the midst of a dispute with the insurance company over liability or damages.

Consider the following illustrations of common disputes over the facts or applicable law in a Florida insurance claims:

  • A typical home insurance policy covers water damage but not flood damage. Suppose you receive substantial flooding in your home after a storm. Is the damage due to flooding, wind-driven rain, roof leak, or a storm surge, and how does the determination affect your insurance company’s liability to you?
  • If your home is damaged by a soil depression, was that loss of soil caused by a sinkhole or some other activity, and what is the significance for your homeowners policy?
  • Did your behavior, or the behavior of a third party, amount to negligence or gross negligence, or were the actions reasonable in the eyes of the law?

At Geyer Fuxa Tyler, our Fort Lauderdale liability and damage dispute attorneys are experienced in advocating for policyholders in liability and damages disputes with their insurers. If the insurance company is claiming that your own negligence caused the accident or contributed to the severity of the damages, or if it is claiming that you failed to mitigate the damage by taking the necessary actions or notifying it promptly of the loss, you need the assistance of experienced trial attorneys who can stand up for your rights in court and advocate strongly and effectively for the right result.

Get Help with Florida Liability and Damages Disputes from Experienced Fort Lauderdale Insurance Law Attorneys

For assistance resolving a liability or damages dispute with an insurance company in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, or anywhere in Florida, contact Geyer Fuxa Tyler in Sunrise at 954-990-5251 for a free consultation.

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