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Are You Getting a Fair Property Insurance Claim Settlement Offer?

Suffering property damage to your home or business can be devastating. Most likely, you will want to file your insurance claim and resolve the issue as quickly and smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes property insurance companies take advantage of this natural impulse. Florida insurance companies are required to act in good faith under the law, but at the end of the day, a company still represents its own interests first. You may feel that the property claims adjuster is offering you far too little for your damage. If so, please contact an experienced Broward County property insurance claim lawyer for immediate legal assistance.

Four Property Insurance Claim Tips

  • Document everything: The most important thing you can do after sustaining property damage is to document everything. First, you should take extensive pictures of the damage. The more angles, the better. Photographic evidence is often very persuasive. Further, you should keep the expense records for all of the repairs and any property appraisals. You will need this documentation. Ultimately, getting a better offer from an insurance company will require producing solid evidence and assembling it in a compelling way.
  • Be patient: Ideally your property insurance adjuster will immediately send you a check for the full extent of your damage. Do not expect that to always be the case. Often, your adjuster will come to a different conclusion as to the value of your damages than you have. This does not mean that your assessment is incorrect. If you do not agree with the offer from the adjuster, you need to be patient and keep negotiating. Do not sign any paperwork until having it reviewed by an experienced attorney. The insurance company representative may try to pressure you into signing a release of liability form. Remember, you should always consult a lawyer before signing any such documents.
  • Carefully obtain estimates: Generally, your insurance company will require you to get a repair estimate from a few local companies in your area. The insurance company will usually choose to compensate you for the value of the lowest estimate. So, it is important that you select legitimate repair companies who will understand the full extent of your damages. Make sure that you get a detailed list of what needs to be fixed and corresponding costs from the repair companies.
  • Hire a lawyer: It is unfortunate, but insurers find many ways to avoid paying the full cost of valid property damage claims. In the event that a dispute arises, it is advisable to seek the professional services of an experienced property insurance claims lawyer. Your lawyer will use Florida law, the details of your insurance policy, and all of your evidence to establish a strong case on your behalf.

Contact an Experienced Broward County Property Insurance Lawyer

You pay your insurance premiums, so you deserve full and fair compensation when you have property damage. Whether your insurance company is offering you an unfair amount, or wrongfully denying your coverage altogether, the Broward County property insurance lawyers at Geyer Fuxa Tyler are here to help. We have deep experience dealing with the complexities involved in Florida property insurance policies. For aggressive representation, please contact our office at (954) 990-5251 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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