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Florida Supreme Court Rules “Ambiguous Term” Must Be Construed in Favor of Coverage

By Jeremy Tyler |

On July 13th, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision in the case of Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) v. Alysia M. Macedo. This lawsuit involved a dispute over ambiguous insurance policy language. In this post, our experienced Fort Lauderdale property insurance litigation attorneys analyze the case and discuss what it can teach… Read More »


Florida Property Insurance: Interior Water Damage Caused By “Wind Driven Rain”

By Jeremy Tyler |

In general, a standard homeowners insurance policy will not offer coverage for flood damage. That type of coverage must be obtained by purchasing a separate policy. Of course, floods are not the only way that homes sustain serious interior water damage due to a storm. What happens when your interior water damage is caused… Read More »


Florida Property Insurance Disputes: What is an Umpire?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Imagine that your Broward County home suffered serious damage in a midsummer thunderstorm, which is certainly not an uncommon occurrence in South Florida. Fortunately, you have property insurance. Even better, your damage is covered under the terms of the policy. However, this still leaves open a very important question: How much does the insurance… Read More »


Four Reasons Why Your Property Insurance Claim Might Be Denied

By Jeremy Tyler |

Dealing with major damage to your home or business is frustrating and stressful. This can be made even worse if you learn that your property insurance company is denying your damage claim. Here, we highlight four of the most common reasons why insurance companies deny property damage claims in Florida and we offer four… Read More »


All-Risk Property Insurance Policy Disputes: Who Has the Burden of Proof?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Evidentiary standards matter. Which party has the burden of proof, and what exactly they are required to prove, will go a long way towards determining who actually prevails in the dispute. As with all other legal disputes, the burden of proof is an important issue in all Florida property insurance cases. In these types… Read More »


Wind vs. Water – Don’t Let One Insurance Carrier Blame the Other

By Jeremy Tyler |

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, the potential for storm surge is high around the state. Storm surge is the rising of the ocean as a result of atmospheric pressure and wind associated with a storm. Storm surge is excluded under the typical home and business owner’s insurance policies through a “Water” or… Read More »


Property Insurance Disputes: Matching

By Jeremy Tyler |

Imagine that big storm comes rolling through your property, causing considerable damage to your roof or the siding on your home. While the storm did not cause a total loss, the damage is substantial, and you will need to make a property insurance claim to obtain fair compensation for your losses. This leads to… Read More »


Insurance Agent Negligence: Florida Court of Appeals Reverses Lower Court Dismissal

By Jeremy Tyler |

Recently, the Third District Court of Appeal for the state of Florida issued an instructive decision in the case of Kendall South Medical Center v. Consolidated Insurance Nation. This case involved an insurance agent negligence claim. At Geyer Fuxa Tyler, our Broward County property insurance attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of claims…. Read More »


Water Damage Claims and Long-Term Damage Exclusions

By Jeremy Tyler |

Water damage is one of the leading causes of property loss in Florida and throughout the United States. Indeed, according to a report from the Insurance Journal, one insurer, the Travelers Companies Inc., reviewed all of their property insurance claims from 2009 through 2015 and found that water damage was responsible for 30 percent… Read More »


What is Builder’s Risk Property Insurance?

By Jeremy Tyler |

New construction can be risky. Whether your property is undergoing extensive renovations, or you are building a new addition, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong. As such, your home or business needs adequate financial protection. Unfortunately, most insurance policies will not provide automatic coverage against losses that can be tied… Read More »

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