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You Can Initiate a Bad Faith Claim After Receiving an Appraisal Award

By Jeremy Tyler |

Under Florida law, property insurance companies have a legal obligation to settle claims using good faith business practices. If they fail to live up to that obligation, they can be held liable for bad faith damages. If you have been a victim of bad faith, you need to bring a claim on that issue… Read More »

Congratulations to Jeremy Tyler and Hillary Cassel for being selected as a 2017 Super Lawyer

By Maria Fuxa |

Congratulations to Jeremy Tyler and Hillary Cassel for being selected as a 2017 Super Lawyer.  Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.


Is Foundation Damage Covered By Your Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Problems with the foundation are among the most unnerving issues for any homeowner. Not only is the foundation critically important for the structural integrity of a building, but foundation problems are typically well-hidden, difficult to diagnose and expense to repair. Encountering any type of problem can be highly frustrating and confusing for a homeowner…. Read More »


Florida Appeals Court Rules That Insured Parties Are Only Allowed One Appraisal

By Jeremy Tyler |

On March 22, 2017, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal issued a decision in the case of Orlando Noa v. Florida Insurance Guaranty Association. In the case, the appeals court ruled that property owners may not circumvent an appraisal by applying for permits for more repairs than the appraisal awarded. Here, our Broward… Read More »


Florida Property Insurance: Vacancy Exclusions

By Jeremy Tyler |

Did you know that if you own a home in Florida, and no one is currently living on the premises, your property insurance policy may no longer provide coverage? Indeed, many standard homeowner’s insurance policies expressly exclude coverage for vacant or unoccupied homes. The primary reason for this is because the insurance companies believe… Read More »


What Happens When Your Insurance Company Becomes Insolvent?

By Jeremy Tyler |

You have the fair and reasonable expectation that when your property is damaged, your insurance company will be able to pay your claim. However, in some cases, that quite literally becomes impossible. While this is rare, it is an issue that needs to be considered, especially when you enter into litigation against an insurer,… Read More »


Smoke Damages Claims

By Jeremy Tyler |

Home fires remain a serious problem in the United States. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 1.2 million fires occur throughout the country each year, resulting in approximately $11 billion worth of damage. Fire damage can come in many different forms. A structure does not need to be burnt to be damaged… Read More »


Is Your Insurance Company Stalling?

By Jeremy Tyler |

Was your property recently damaged? If so, you no doubt want to get your insurance claim resolved so that you can move on with your life. Unfortunately, all too often, the insurance claims process seems to drag on forever. This can be confusing and overwhelming for homeowners. Indeed, there are few things more frustrating… Read More »


Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal Continues to Misapply Proper Construction Techniques to Insurance Claims

By Jeremy Tyler |

Should you decide what you will do before you start a construction project or after? Of course the answer is before, but Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal continues to get it backwards in property insurance disputes. Case in point: the February 22, 2017, opinion in the Miami-Dade County property insurance case, Hernandez v…. Read More »


Florida Condo Insurance: Common Loss Assessment Coverage

By Jeremy Tyler |

According to the definition provided by the United States Census Bureau, a condominium is a form of homeownership in which the units (either apartments or houses) are owned by individuals, but common areas are owned as part of a collective. Condos have become very popular in Florida. Census data indicates that approximately 15 percent… Read More »

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